My recent trip to a metropolitan changed my whole outlook on fashion and how the today’s generation perceives it. Well, I don’t belong to a small town, but a nice modern city with a nice modern outlook towards things, so I can’t really say that, Oh, I am from a village and went to the big city for the first time and was shocked to see the girls wearing latest dresses and ladies tops. No, I am definitely not saying that as I am a modern woman of today who loves dressing up in the latest dresses for girls.

Let me start from the very beginning, last week I went to one of the biggest metropolitan city of our country. My meetings got over by noon and I had the whole day free. So, I decided to call a friend who is like an encyclopedia of every place in India, (thanks to her army background from the beginning, so she has been shuttling from one place to another since her childhood). Instantly she messaged me the name of certain eating joints and malls in the nearest proximity to my hotel. I went to the nearest mall, sat in its food court,

You may aspire to be a content writer and nowadays there are many avenues to begin. Leading them all is the online content writing market, as of now the digital internet space contains more content than all the printed material. So starting out as an online content writer is one of the best ways to get started.

Now, most of us believe that we have the ability to be a content writer but to do it professionally we need to learn a few things before we start. Let us look over this checklist which will set us up for our content writing career.

  • Have a precise resume showing your educational background and experience. You must list out all your writing skills and fields you have the expertise of so that you can write about them. Many online portals for content writers have their accreditation tests which give you an edge and improve your chances to get projects. Try and give as many tests as you can to showcase your skills.


  • Build your sample library. Just like any other job application it is important to include good

3tA woman’s wardrobe without jeans really looks out of sync and boring. This garment is a complete must have in a woman’s collection. Some women find it a challenge when it comes to shopping for jeans. They go through the ordeal of trying on many pairs before they find the one that is perfect. And even then sometimes women have to go back home empty-handed because they didn’t manage to find a good fit. Many other times they just pick up and are forced to wear something that is nowhere close to a good fit. These days with the office environment getting a casual vibe, many women opt to wear jeans to their workplace as it is very comfortable. Finding a good pair becomes difficult when these common mistakes are committed.

Reading only the label

Concentrating on the label of the product rather than trying out to check for a good fit is a huge mistake. That said, the label is a good source of information telling you about the size, style and even if the jeans is straight or boot cut however this

e4Unique Aspects of the Best Kids Clothing Online Shops Every human being requires clothing for their normal life routines continue. The entire world has a strong value of clothing. The clothing fashion and design vary with time all throughout the world. An individual’s choice of dressing depends on the individual. The individual’s background, their religion,their professions and the societal expectations are some of the pace setters in the choice of clothing for the majority of individuals. Children are young human beings between the age gap between infancy and puberty. Parents and caregivers take care of the clothing needs of their children. The choice of children’s clothing is made by the parents. For the best choices for kids clothing careful study on the attributes of children clothing is important. There are many types of kids clothing. The type of kids clothing that individuals should purchase should suit the nature of kids. Specialization on one category of product facilitates comprehensive services which guarantee customers full satisfaction. Online shops are an adaptation to the modern trends of life today. Technology has been inculcated in nearly every aspect of life to ensure maximum production and high

5tWhen actress Emma Thompson walked shoeless on to the stage at the Golden Globes, she confirmed what the rest of us have known for a while. Comfy shoes make sense. Clutching her Christian Louboutin heels in one hand – and a martini in the other – she joked that their trademark red soles were stained with her blood. “I’ve taken my heels off as a feminist statement really, because why do we wear them? They’re so painful. And pointless, really.”

With brogues and ballet shoes filling the fashion pages and shops, financial investors have started to take notice. Comfortable shoe brand Hotter, which started life as a slipper manufacturer, has just changed hands for £200m, while the Griggs family, which owned the Dr Martens brand for 50 years, has sold up to private equity giant Permira for £300m.

Flat shoes are selling well on the high street, with more than three-fifths of women polled on their shoe shopping habits by Mintel confessing to having bought a pair in the past 12 months.

“Under-35s are willing to sacrifice fit for fashion,” said Mintel fashion analyst Tamara Sender. “By contrast, over-55s place the most importance on

333Winter is finally approaching and like any other season this year too will see lots of new trends and styles of women knitwear’s. If you are amongst those who love to keep stylish wardrobe filled with various quality and stylish clothes then you must know how to have your wardrobe updated with changing trends. Style enthusiasts always update their wardrobe with the latest trends but even if you don’t afford new knitwear’s every season you can still keep them and wear them when their trend comes back. Winter knitwear can’t be done without, it doesn’t matter how far the fashion world progresses.

You can keep the old knitwear’s in your attic and make room for new trendy winter knitwear’s to match the latest trendy styles. Winter is that fabulous time of year when you get to wear luxurious layer upon comfy layer of the latest women’s fashion for winter, winter is all about wearing what you want, with style.

You can select belted tweed shorts and team with cashmere tights, fur-lined boots and a longline cardigan for a casual but tailored look that is perfect for a relaxed office look or Saturday

4The perfect earrings can add a finishing touch to any outfit. Most women choose these popular accessories according to their overall style, color, and materials. While such shopping tactics offer a great way to find earrings that match with a given outfit, they neglect the importance of face shape in buying decisions. Women who can choose the right earrings for their face shape will be able to stand out from the crowd by accentuating their natural beauty with these simple, elegant accessories.

Earrings and Face Type Basics

Almost all shoppers can benefit from keeping earring and face type basics in mind when shopping for these dazzling accessories. Choosing earrings that are a good fit for a given face shape will help to ensure that the items are worn and do not languish unused in a jewelry box. Remember that both fine jewelry earrings and fashion jewelry earrings are sold by online retailers and in brick-and-mortar stores. Both types of earrings are available in a wide variety of styles.

Popular Earrings Styles

Sellers describe earrings by their overall style and by the materials that have been used in their production. Shopping for a specific style

3eAttention all single men!
According to a survey of around 20,000 women, it has been found that women find purple shirts the most attractive when it comes to the dressing sense of men. They are most likely to accept a date if the man is wearing a purple shirt. Well, that should be reason enough to go purple!
It’s time to move on from the boring blues, blacks, whites, and grays; it’s time to get a little royal! The color purple is totally in trend, and why won’t it be? Isn’t surprising, with the variety of truly amazing shades it comes up in, and how ravishing it looks!

Most women love purple; it’s the men who are afraid of incorporating it in their wardrobe. If the reason you don’t wear purple is because you feel it doesn’t suit you; you couldn’t be anymore wrong. There’s a purple for everybody; you can choose from beautiful shades like royal purple, mauve, lavender, lilac, dark purple, and so much more. Another reason for avoiding purple could be something as simple as, “I don’t know what to wear with purple?” If that’s the case with you,

33High heeled shoes are more popular than ever, and many women often ask, “Can wearing heels really be bad for my body?” Regular wearers of high heels who do experience foot, back, or knee problems also wonder if there is any way they can comfortably wear the stylish shoes they love. Podiatrists and orthopedic specialists often see firsthand some of the problems that develop from wearing high-heeled shoes.

Studies have shown that high heeled shoes create excess pressure on the plantar surface, or sole of the foot, which can lead to metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain), excess stress on foot joints, and painful calluses. The higher the heel is, the more probability that muscular imbalances are occurring while walking in the shoes — causing certain leg and foot muscles to work too hard. These imbalances can lead to problems such as knee pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), and hammer toes.

Sometimes an occasion calls for a great-looking pair of heels, but no one wants to sacrifice their health and well-being for fashion. The following celebrity photos identify common mistakes women make in choosing heels, helping to guide you toward choosing better

57Girls always want to gorgeous and trendy. Every year the trend change so as the mind of the girls. Girls always stay up-to-date according to fashion. All the fashionable girls want to wear stylish casual Suits. Girls casual dresses are not just to wear at home you can also wear these stylish dresses for office or sometime parties. Girl’s casual dresses are different all over the world. In Pakistan the casual Suits of girls are shalwar kameez were as in America the girls casual dresses are pant shirts or skirts etc. In every season many designers launched the latest collection of their casual outfits.

Girl’s casual dresses are easily available in the market or now a day’s we have the facility of online shopping. The new collection of girl’s casual dresses changes according to season and countries. Girls all over the world are always conscious about their dressing and over look and casual dress are those dresses which are most commonly used in our daily life. As the world is running for the brands so every season and every year new designers are bringing their collection of casual wear in the market. Casual

9With latest fashion trends hitting each corner of the globe, a lot has changed in the way people carry their important accessories to the office. Earlier it used to be huge briefcases that were heavy to carry around due to their making and also gave a dull impression to the onlooker. But nowadays the stylish Italian Leather collection of bags has become a good option or office goers that can carry all the important accessories from a pin to a laptop.

High-quality Luxury Italian Leather accessories are in high demand presently in terms of style as well as the log lasting service they provide. These are much easier to maintain and all one needs to ensure is that they purchase a high quality leather bag. These are also available in a variety of designs and shapes to match the style of each person.

Italian Leather collection caters to the need of a large number of people, mostly office goers as well as college students and are perfect for rough and tough use owing to its flexibility and quality material making. The latest leather bags in the market can be used to carry anything including

544As a retail sports business owner, it is essential that you choose your suppliers who not only offer you the best prices, but also the best services. Suppliers has a key role in running of the business, specially a sports one as you get all your supplies from there. But, at the same time, you should have also be careful of the products.

The most fundamental points to consider before ordering your bulk from suppliers include the material from which the shorts are made, the measurements of the shorts, and the features that the sport shorts offer.

Types of shorts you should stack in your store

The first consideration in choosing which pant shorts to buy is determining the sport in which the buyer plans to use the shorts. Many sport pant are specially designed for different athletic pursuits, and matching the right kind of shorts to the sport for which they are intended can enhance both the user’s comfort and performance.

However knowing the customer’s demand you need to know about the different types of pant available in the market to cater to different buyers, such are

54Seeking and purchasing bridesmaid dresses is the most enjoyable part of a wedding. But at the same time this can also be challenging and the most stressful too. The bride traditionally will choose a color for coordinating the theme of the wedding while the bridesmaids will choose which style they like, enjoy and will be comfortable wearing.

Factors to consider

Bridesmaid dresses come in a wide array of patterns, styles and colors. So, there are a couple of factors that one needs to consider while purchasing a bridesmaid dress such as,

• The body type- No two bridesmaids will have the same figure. Each has a distinct body type. In fact a dress may look good on one while turn into a mismatch on another. Hence, picking the right dress for the bridesmaid is important.

• Fabric- The fabric of the dress also plays a crucial part. It should be such that the bridesmaid will feel happy and be comfortable wearing. The different types of fabrics available include georgette, satin, crepe, chiffon amid others. It is always wise to pick a fabric which a bridesmaid can carry off well.

56The beach casts a strong influence over our summer style choices but as the weather takes on a decided chill, should we still cast our eyes seaward for fashion inspiration? Absolutely.

Men’s fashion has long drawn inspiration from the sea, especially at its most uninviting. This is especially the case for German-born designer Umit Benan, who in his most recent collection sent his models (some of whom looked like they’d just stepped off a deep sea trawler) down the catwalk sporting fishing rods, buckets of water and even a pair of waterproof dungarees to create a bit of fisherman chic and catwalk theatre.

While the rugged nature of the seafaring life might seem to have little in common with the cool sophistication of high fashion, a bit of nautical inspiration can result in a masculine look, without an over-reliance on plaid shirts.

Ignoring the maritime clichés of the hankie around the neck, or the skippers’ hat tipped jauntily to one side, here are five items that are not only inherently linked to life at sea, but are genuine style classics.

Duffle coat

The duffle, with its large patch pockets and wooden toggle fastenings, is one of the

3Just how short should men’s shorts be? The short answer, apparently, is quite short.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, which earlier this year reported that men’s hemlines have risen by roughly 10 inches (or 25cm). To which I say – thank you.

I’ve made no secret of my own ‘sky’s out, thighs out’ approach, but I suspect I may have some way to go in convincing my fellow man to think likewise.

Sacks with pockets

What currently passes for shorts in many men’s wardrobes look like sacks with pockets – more short longs than long shorts. Or culottes, if you want to be really unkind to a mate.

When it comes to their legs, Australian men develop a rather Victorian sense of propriety (and I don’t mean that place south of the border, where shorts are broken out only a handful of times a year).

No, unless it’s for a sport that requires you to wrestle other men on the ground, the rule of thumb seems to be that nothing can stop short of the knee.

Are men’s leg’s really that salacious – or shameworthy – that we need to keep them under wraps, irrespective of

7The white cotton t-shirt conjures some famous images: James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause; Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire; Paul Newman in … a white cotton t-shirt.

The quintessential American garment has been through numerous incarnations on its journey from humble long johns in the 19th century to actors’ get-up of choice in the 1950s – after which it assumed universal status.

Today, with more than $US20 billion ($21.45 billion) a year spent on t-shirts in the US alone, it’s an everyday staple found in most men’s – and women’s – wardrobes.

But while one white tee may look identical to the next, it’s not. The type of plain t-shirt someone buys says a lot about their personality and their social tribe. Rappers and skaters wear them long and baggy. Some men prefer them tight across the pecs and biceps. Surfies sport them as outerwear, often with a simple slogan printed across the front. Professionals wear them as undershirts to stop their work shirts yellowing under the armpits. After all, that’s as they were originally intended.

In 1904, the Cooper Underwear Company ran a magazine ad announcing a new undershirt, sans buttons

6The workplace may be getting increasingly casual (we’re blaming you and those damn Adidas sandals, Zuckerberg), but that doesn’t mean you should look like every other cubicle-bound drone at the office.

Think of what you went through to get that job, of all that time spent polishing your resume and brushing up on your interview skills. Now do you really want to celebrate your success by looking like a schlub?

Business casual is the way to go, but does anyone actually understand what ‘business casual’ is? Dressing five days a week in ill-fitting shirts, baggy trousers and indistinguishable blazers isn’t it – and it’s definitely not the way to climb the corporate ladder.

The first and most important piece of advice

Please, for the love of all that is holy and tailored, purchase clothing that fits you properly. Nothing ruins an outfit – whatever the dress code and no matter how expensive the clothes are – like wearing something that doesn’t fit. The first secret to looking smart is sizing correctly.

Once you’ve nailed the fit, you can start building out your wardrobe. We recommend beginning with pieces that are easy to mix and match, so

uuThe days are getting shorter, the nights are getting chillier (and spookier!), the leaves are a-changing, the layers are out in full force, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are lighting up your tastebuds. (I’ve actually switched my allegiances to the new Toasted Graham Latte…yum!)

Even when I lived in California, autumn was always my favorite season, thanks to the triple whammy of Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving.  After relocating to the East Coast, I love autumn even more, since it actually gets colder here and the New England fall foliage is incredibly breathtaking.

Beautiful as it is, fall is fleeting. (Anyone remember when it snowed on Halloween a few years ago?) Take advantage of the cool, crisp weather and the many awesome autumn-associated activities this weekend!

What to Wear to:

Apple Picking or a Pumpkin Patch

Apple picking is the quintessential New England autumn activity.  The childlike glee at finding the biggest, juiciest apples and stuffing them into your bag, the fresh apple cider donuts glistening with sugar, the steaming cups of spiced cider: what’s not to love? (If there aren’t apple orchards

tyFashion is one of those things in life with endless ways to express yourself. Whether it be in cut, color, with accessories or without, the options are limitless! In this article I’ll explain some easy ways to show your personality through your sense of fashion, while remaining presentable.

When it comes to clothes, there are a lot of appropriate things for the workplace that most people don’t even consider as part of an outfit! Take hair accessories for instance. A statement headband or elastic can make a huge impact on your overall appearance and with all the options out there, you can say a lot! Fabric flowers can be both feminine and timeless, or bright, funky, and charming. Through different colors and textures, you can achieve some great results.

Customizing your wardrobe to fit your personality doesn’t always need to be expensive, either. What better way to express yourself than to make your own accessories or add to clothes you already have? Talk about saving your wallet! With a few simple everyday household items, you can turn that boring white-collar blouse into a work of

55I find myself endlessly shopping for clothes. Even when I’ve just bought something new, I find myself staring into a closet filled to the brim, muttering “I have nothing to wear.” Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. And for most of us, it’s not that we don’t have anything to wear, but that we just can’t seem to find the common thread (no pun intended) between the pieces in our wardrobes. This leaves our newly shopped pieces collecting dust in the back of our wardrobes as we re-wear the same outfit for the 100th time.

Having too many options can be overwhelming. That “dream” closet filled with clothes to the ceiling may actually be a nightmare. In fact, a closet with fewer, complementing pieces may work better. Yes, I propose that minimalism is the solution to this common fashion woe.

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

When building a minimalist wardrobe, first find the neutrals within your existing wardrobe. It’s not only about the monochromatic palette of black and white. Think of your own classic pieces in neutral shades like beige, white, gray, black and navy. Avoid using this as an excuse to shop for more clothes.